Get in Touch whether you are looking now or for something down the road.

We are always looking for great talent with capabilities and experience in the following areas:


  • Product marketing
  • Marketing campaign strategy
  • Marketing communications
  • Paid media/SEO/search
  • Content development
  • GTM campaign execution
  • CRM


  • Executive communications
  • Vertical industry management
  • ROB/business management
  • Partner & field readiness
  • Program development
  • Marketing operations


  • Business and data analytics
  • Experimentation
  • Customer insights & research

Why Velatrio?

We recruit for a range of talent – mostly senior marketers, and increasingly developers. Our consultants stay for a decade or more because our projects are hearty and it feels great to make such a huge impact for our clients. Many of our projects allow telecommuting, either from Seattle or outside.

Why Our Clients?

The nice part about running a smaller firm is that we choose our clients. We work with companies that we believe in, who are growing quickly and have the experience and budgets to know that hiring expertise offers high returns. Our clients have interesting, complex business issues and we respect each other as we work together on long, often multi-year engagements. It isn’t rare for a Velatrio employee to be the longest serving member on a client’s team.